It won’t be long before you welcome your newest family member home and life with puppy will begin!

Taking the time you need to prepare your home for your puppy’s arrival will help to ensure a smooth transition from kennel to home; allowing you and your precious new family member to enjoy all the love and excitement that comes with owning a new puppy.

As your puppy’s Breeder, we are here to offer you advice on all things related to the health and well-being of your new pet. One of the largest factors in any puppies health and that of your adult dogs is the food they eat. Just as we do with our own food we look for natural and wholesome foods we can trust. That is what we have found from TLC pet foods.

Our journey to this dog food started by feeding a national brand that is well recognized. As care givers for animals we keep a close eye on their fecal matter. What we noticed was a lot of corn coming through their poop. We soon switched to a grain free diet. This was a big improvement as we only needed to feed four cups instead of six cups each day. A third less going in is a third less going out. ????

We fed this grain free nationally available food for a long time. We began to notice that our dogs coats weren’t shinny and had lost their luster. We started feeding supplements like fish oil, butter, anything to get that glowing look of health back. One day I had that light bulb going off over my head moment. Why was I feeding a dog food that didn’t work. We began a search for a natural grain free dog food that, most importantly, had good results.

We found TLC whole life dog food. It has a high percentage of meat, dogs natural food. It is made close to us in Canada where their chicken doesn’t contain arsenic as it can in the US. All of their ingredients come from the US, Canada, or New Zealand. They have no artificial preservative or colors, and no meat byproducts in the food. They don’t “ingredient split”, and have Glucosamines, Chondroittins, prebiotics and probiotics for good joints and health. TLC pet food has a low glycemic index. 

The biggest factor was in the results we saw within two weeks. The dogs coats had a shine and luster to them. Their feces was denser, meaning they were getting more good out of the food. The dogs ate it readily and had the right amount of weight and condition. We have been very pleased with this food and feed it exclusively to our dogs and our puppies. Continuing to offer your puppy this incredibly dynamic food is the first step to helping them adjust to life outside the kennel. Delivering the ultimate balance of quality meats, animal fats, vitamins and minerals; TLC Whole Life Dog Food has everything needed for optimal health and nutrition.

TLC Pet Foods delivers directly to your doorstep for FREE, offering automatic shipping according to your puppy’s unique eating habits at no additional charge. Order your pet’s food today to make for an easy transition to your home.