My puppy from Milenial Labrador Retriever is 5 months old and I’m crazy in love with her!  She’s beautiful, smart, healthy, strong, loves to give kisses and is excelling in her training.  I couldn’t be happier with my Milenial Labrador Retriever pup! A big thank you to Milenial Labrador Retriever and his crew for making the purchase so smooth and for continuing to be available to answer questions.

John Lane

I have been in the market for buying a GR for years now and finally decided to hit the go button. Called up Milenial Labrador Retriever and a very nice lady who I believe her name was Jolly, she answered all my questions (which I did have a lot) and was very friendly and helped guide me to which dog I wanted. I called a few more times in between spoke Milenial Labrador Retriever on training which was again very helpful.

Vick D.

When I recently started looking for a Labrador Retriever puppy, I was pretty overwhelmed by all the options I found online. There were breeders in my state, in surrounding states, and all across the country. Just the number of people out there breeding Labrador Retriever was daunting, and in my searches, I came across more than a few questionable breeders as well as straight up puppy mills. However, one breeder explained everything to me and directed me here and I got the right puppy for my family “MARK” who is our energizer.

Dino Flobert

I adopted a 2-year-old Labrador Retriever from someone who acquired the dog from this breeder. Long story short the dog has been an amazing addition to our family. Extremely protective and alert.  Most of the training came from this facility as my dog behaves just like the dogs in the videos. We found out it was a product from here extremely alert to strangers which proves it didn’t come from a show line of dogs but a trained dog.

Emmanuelle K.

I have bought over the years three of the most beautiful, smart, healthy Labrador Retriever from Milenial Labrador Retriever and my friends and cousins have also purchased Labrador Retriever from Milenial Labrador Retriever.

 I am in the security business and I can tell anybody that is even thinking of owning a Labrador Retriever to go to Milenial Labrador Retriever and get one to see for him/herself.


I enjoyed your biography of work. I would love to get a Labrador Retriever puppy. What is the price of these adorable creatures?

Your answer would be appreciated.

Thank you

Robet Hall

This is the second puppy that I got from Milenial Labrador Retriever My first was incredibly smart and sweet! She was trained. most importantly she had friends wherever she went. I just got a 3-month-old female and she is beautiful, smart and well-tempered. Once you have owned a dog from Milenial Labrador Retriever you can’t settle for anything less. Thank

Moore Tracy

I got a puppy from this place about a year ago and he is the best dog our family has ever had. He’s great with our kids, super well behaved, and he always lets us know when someone is close to our house. The customer service was great and very friendly. If you’re interested in addicting a new addition to your family or wanting an already trained dog definitely check out their website. I’ve been Milenial Labrador Retriever read more.

Simon T

My husband Jeff and I can’t thank you enough for all you did to make Ava a reality for us. Initially, I had made arrangements with you for another older puppy and was disappointed and very sad when my husband was called away for business and we weren’t able to get that pup. (I wanted Jeff to be there for the pup’s first few weeks) I remember you were so supportive and reassuring. You told me, “don’t worry, when the time is right, you’ll get the pup that was meant for you”. And you were right!